## TL;DR: This is a campaign to significantly improve the development time that goes into ZoneMinder. ## What is ZoneMinder? ZoneMinder is an open source CCTV / Video Surveillance software suite. It runs on Linux and FreeBSD, can monitor nearly any type of camera, and can be used for your home, business, rental property, vacation home or baby crib. ## Why ZoneMinder needs your support ZoneMinder is old, with the first commits dating back to 2002, and it shows. There is a lot of work to do - tuning the motion detection algorithms, building a modern user interface, enhancing performance for today’s codecs and resolutions. So much work to do, in fact, that we are not able to keep up, despite the three main developers spending between 10 and 20 hours each per week. Pull requests do not get reviewed and merged, issues stay open far too long, features are not being added, bugs are not being squashed, and ZoneMinder is not able to be the best that it can be. We are looking for funding to allow us to spend more of our time working on ZoneMinder, with the end-goal of being to work on ZoneMinder full time, or as much as is required to keep up. ## Immediate plans: * Finish and release the API, making it significantly easier for third-party developers to integrate with and write applications for ZoneMinder. * Complete overhaul of a new modern user interface, composed of modern technologies including HTML5’s and tags and javascript single-page-app libraries. See the above image. * A new user / install wizard. Get up and running fast! Easier updates, including updates from the UI. * An updated, fancy-pants website. To handle all that, plus reviewing an increasing number of pull requests being received every day, I'd like to have a full-time dedicated resource on ZoneMinder. You can make that happen by pledging a small amount each month. With steady monthly funding, I can commit much more time to ZoneMinder! If you like the project and see its potential, pledge now. Every dollar helps!. I promise it will be a good investment :)