Yorg (Yorg's an Open Racing Game)

Hello everybody. First of all, let me quickly introduce ourselves, the **Ya2** team. We are an independent team based in Italy. We have already published a game, _Plith_, and after all the experience and satisfaction gained with it we are here to present you our new project in _Panda3D_, **Yorg**! Yorg is a _free open source_ racing game for _Windows_, _OSX_ and _Linux_, but having worked with Panda we are also open to other platforms. All our models are made with _Blender_ and we use _Python_ with _Panda3D_, as said, on the coding side; all our project can be found on our [GitHub page](https://github.com/cflavio/yorg). Moreover, **we release our assets** on [OpenGameArt](https://opengameart.org/users/flavio)! So, if you support us, you can find **more assets** there in the future! Plus, you are indirectly supporting other games that are using our assets! ![Screenshot](http://www.ya2.it/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/yorg_05_4-1024x576.jpg) Yorg's main elements are: * _third person_ visual perspective; * _arcade_-style; * _8 different pilots_ to choose from; * _8 different cars_ (at the moment, but much more to come!); * _6 different tracks_ (as above, this is just the current state of art, our designers are already working on more of them); * _AI_; * _power-ups_ (who said cheating is for losers?); * _weapons_ (oh yes, you will fire your enemies up!); * _championships_ (so you can show you it wasn't just a one time luck!); * _experimental multiplayer_ (because is funnier to rule over friends, than over machines!); * improved multiplayer (planned for release 0.10); * local multiplayer (planned for release 0.11). More details on [our blog](http://www.ya2.it).