An amazing level editor for everyone!

![](http://i.imgur.com/kixysSP.png) # What is Tiled? [Tiled](http://www.mapeditor.org/) is a general purpose 2D level editor. Its [open map format](http://doc.mapeditor.org/reference/tmx-map-format/) is supported by almost every game development framework out there, either natively or through 3rd party libraries. I've been developing the current version of Tiled since 2008, and it has come a long way. As Tiled has grown in features, the [list of open requests](https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/issues) has been growing faster. Unfortunately, I have less and less spare time for developing Tiled because my family is getting bigger. # Why should I contribute? You should contribute if you want a better Tiled tomorrow! With your support I am able to reduce the time spent on my day job and spend that time on Tiled instead. I have a lot of plans, ranging from fixing open issues and implementing often requested features to developing new and exciting tools like a tablet-enabled version of Tiled or even a generic UI editor in the same spirit as Tiled. The level of support I receive here on Salt will directly affect what is possible and how fast things can happen. There's plenty of things to do, but I'll take your feedback to decide what matters most! You can vote on issues I've added to the [Tiled roadmap](https://trello.com/b/yl3PAtN0/tiled-roadmap) or [post bounties](https://www.bountysource.com/teams/tiled/issues) on issues you care about. Together we'll make Tiled rock, now and in the future! _This campaign complements my [Patreon campaign](https://www.patreon.com/bjorn?ty=h), both of which add up to the time I can afford to spend on Tiled. I'll be updating the website to reflect the total from both pages!_