React Starter Kit

Bootstrap your web application projects. Save time. Develop with confidence.

# Overview We're are a small team of just two software engineers creating the best starter kit for building fast, robust and modular web apps using the same front-end stack used at Facebook. With your help we'll be able to keep [this project]( up to date, introduce many new cool features and hopefully save lots of time and bring more confidence to developers using this starter kit as a reference or a boilerplate. # People are talking about React Starter Kit > “Looking at React Starter Kit. Wow, the future of JS is now." ― [@mlin]( > “Goofing off with @reactjs and react starter kit by @koistya. Pretty damn well organized, actually." ― [@joshua\_p\_jung]( > “Best #isomorphic #reactjs starter kit I've found so far." ― [@adavkay]( > “Was looking for a good react + flux + babel + webpack starter kit - I think I found it!" ― [@david\_j\_nelson]( # Why Starter Kit? [React Starter Kit]( is an opinionated boilerplate for web development. It has all the necessary tools both for building a great experience across many devices as well as offering a great developer experience thanks to libraries and tools such as React.js, Babel, Webpack and others. It can be a solid starting point for both professional and newcomers to the industry. It aims is to save time developers time when bringing a new custom web application project to life, helping with things like: - A solid project layout and component-based architecture - Great development flow with [BrowserSync]( and [React Hot Loader]( - Server-side rendering, "isomorphic" features for SEO - Bundling and optimization ## Some Statistics from GitHub * Stars: 6'700 * Forks: 1'200 * Repository clones: 2'5k / month # Future plans and why we need your support There’s still a lot of work to be done on React Starter Kit. We have enough feature requests to keep our team busy full-time for the foreseeable future. Some of the most needed features include: * Integrate CSS Modules * A better project documentation and a style guide * Token-based authentication and authorization sample * Yeoman generator # Closing Thoughts Thank you for your support, every dollar matters! If your business or employer would like to support us we can work out invoicing details. Please contact for details.