Poverty reduction using Patchwork

[Patchwork]( SSB @runKleisli: @c5zFAmQ3pG8mzXc86oOmLiz9bKZeHO9KQCSazTWsMzo=.ed25519 # About patchKleisli is a project to reduce poverty #poverty-reduction through documenting the logistics of outstanding technology problems, & the efforts of different communities, using domain knowledge integration tactics generally associated with programming and applied math (#knowledge-work), so as to reduce these problems to concrete source material & begin formalizing these problems & sources. #formal-methods We can directly solve some problems with code and other creative open source projects. For now however, the work of patchKleisli is reflected in what's said on the Patchwork identity. Take care! -runKleisli # Goals $200/mo USD - Blogger * Developing problem domain research guidance on the discussion platform * Establishing domain knowledge about the current problems pursued * Gathering domain knowledge * Documenting domain knowledge $500 - Organizer-developer Same but with dedicated time to projects & exploring different communities invested in the topics I cover $1000 - Domain knowledge integrator * Gathering & documenting domain-specific knowledge * Integrating domain-specific knowledge * Making problems specified formalized or in standard - well-posed for coding or communicating where appropriate! * Personal research in poverty-reducing code $3k - Domain researcher-programmer * Addressing & proposing coding projects * Engaging formal methods goals - integration of standards and code * Fulfilling research goals into poverty-reducing code $5k - Resident knowledge integrator * In-person organization & goal dev for communities around poverty reduction education & enabling participation in the appropriate discussions for doing so * Personal projects in poverty-reducing programming