Modal editing for the modern world

# Introduction [ONI](https://github.com/extr0py/oni) is a [NeoVim](https://github.com/neovim/neovim) front-end UI with rich IDE-like UI integration points, drawing inspiration from [VSCode](https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode), [Atom](https://atom.io/), and [LightTable](http://lighttable.com/) This repository is under __active development__, and until 1.0 please consider everything unstable. > `npm install -g oni` > `oni` # Mission [ONI](https://github.com/extr0py/oni) strives to merge modern IDE functionality and language support with the power of modal editing. # Contributions Because [ONI](https://github.com/extr0py/oni) would not be possible without Vim or Neovim, portions of the contributions will be allocated as follows: - 10% - Vim - Contribute to Bram's charity of choice - 20% - Neovim development - 35% - Contributors - Given as bounties - 35% - Maintainer The accounting for ONI is open and transparent. You can see how funds are being used here: [ACCOUNTING.md](https://github.com/extr0py/oni/blob/master/ACCOUNTING.md)