The open source full-stack geosocial network platform

KeplerJs is a open source [geosocial]( solution that lets users share favorite places and join discussions in real-time. It can be seen as a platform where users can interact with **open data** platforms. ## Mission Allows users to collecting and georeferencing places on a modern web-mapping interface, describe them accurately, create relationships, sharing with other users and create a social environment. In addition to creating new place you can import pre-existing objects from [OpenStreetMap]( creating a social layer above it. A place in KeplerJs can be linked to metadata from different sources automatically, it can be anything that has a geographic location fixed or movable, real or virtual. ## Principles * **fullstack**: developed 100% in JavaScript using the [Meteor]( the best [Nodejs]( fullstack framework. * **realtime**: All events and changes within the platform are automatically transmitted from the server to the clients through [websockets]( * **geosocial**: The main user interface is a web map contains objects that represent places, users and others * **extensible**: Development is based on an easily buildable plugins [architecture]( ## Links [Website]( | [Documentation]( | [Source code]( | [Issues]( | [Roadmap]( | [Blog]( | [News]( | [Plugins](