Print big at low cost

# Welcome to the Hangprinter campaign! Published: Dec 2016 The creators of the world could see large free form fabrication become available, simple and dirt cheap. It's a real possibility. This campaign funds a faster, lighter and more user friendly successor to the machine in the video. ## Cool! How big can this thing print? Typically tested print dimensions are ca 80 cm diameter print beds and ca 120 cm print heights. Typical print times for my test prints ranges from 7-8 hours and up. If you have a larger room, and you can tolerate longer print times, you can do much larger prints. ## What's the precision? Better than 1 mm. ![Close up of print](https://torbjornludvigsen.com/blog/2016/bilder/Twisted_G_close.JPG) ## Can it print its own parts? Yes, it can print a large fraction of its own parts. All the black and green parts you see on the machine in the video are 3d printed. ## How much effort have you put into this? Weekends and other spare time for ca 2.5 years. Ca 400 hours? ## What does it cost? In self-sourced parts: $250 ## Is Hangprinter the world's only frameless 3d printer? Yes, as far as I know. There are other string driven 3d printers and parallel cable driven pick-and-place robots are fairly common. Hangprinter is unique in two ways: 1. It utilizes arbitrary existing structures, such as insides of houses, as 3d printer frames. 2. All parts except the power supply is mounted on one moving unit. Having only one high mounting point is also unusual. All the unusual design choices has been made with ease of build, ease of installation and low cost in mind. ## What's the next development step? I'm currently reducing weight, increasing print speed and increasing reliability through adding closed-loop motor control and BLDC motors. ## Where to place the hooks? Anywhere. Place wall hooks and ceiling hooks where you want them, then tell Hangprinter where they are through firmware configuration. ## Where's the source? Here: [Gitlab](https://gitlab.com/hangprinter/hangprinter) ## Where's the bill of materials? Here: [Appropedia](http://www.appropedia.org/Clerck,_a_RepRap_3D_printer_hanging_from_the_ceiling#Costs) ## Where are the build instructions? Here: [Vitana.se](https://vitana.se/opr3d/tbear/index.html#Clerck_assembly_manual) ## Isn't that drive system over constrained? Yes, it is. I wanted to keep a single high mount point and also to keep symmetry. ## Nice lamp shade! It was modeled specifically for the campaign video. Get it here: [Github](https://github.com/tobbelobb/ornament-lamp-shade) ## Can you please provide lots of technical detail and motivation? Yes. Here: [Dev blog](https://vitana.se/opr3d/tbear/index.html). ## Where can I discuss ideas and technical improvements? The [reprap forums thread](http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,738858) is a good place for such discussion. Many Hangprinter builders also get together in the [facebook group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/hangprinter/). ## Is it true that you did your Master's on RepRap 3d printing? Yes. [Here](http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2%3A938473). The finding that RepRaps actually do spread virally inspired me to design for copyability. My experience that frames are hard to build led me to eliminate the frame from the design. The Hangprinter Project is an attempt to optimize peer-to-peer-to-peer-etc distribution of production machinery. ![test prints](https://vitana.se/opr3d/tbear/bilder/test_prints.JPG) The test prints above as well as all my other test prints can be yours for $50 each. Send me an email on tobben@fastmail.fm to make an order! I also keep track of supporters who just want a kit, and no support. The price tag will be $500. If at least 15 people want the kit, I will start kit production. Thanks for your support! tobben