Genesis Digital Audio Workstation

peer-to-peer music collaboration

# Genesis Digital Audio Workstation ## Sub-projects * [libsoundio]( Genesis is a digital audio workstation with some ambitious goals: peer-to-peer multiplayer editing, complete plugin safety, and a built-in community which shares plugins, projects, and samples. ![Screenshot]( **This project is a work-in-progress.** # Motivation As a music producer, it's hard to find the line between creativity and blindly reusing other people's work. If you use presets from a synthesizer, you're using someone else's synth programming. If you use someone else's synth, you're using someone else's Digital Signal Processing code. You can purchase melodies and chord progressions from a MIDI store. You can use sample packs for musical instruments that somebody else recorded. You can use pre-made drum loops. At each step along the way, it becomes less clear what your role is in the creation process. Genesis is software and a community; a community of people rebuilding music from scratch, the open-source way. # Community Along the way, creating Genesis gives opportunities for giving back to the open source community in other ways too. For example I have recently released [libsoundio 1.0.0]( - the audio input/output backend that Genesis uses. # Current Status - Load and save any format audio file. - Multi-threaded audio pipeline working. - MIDI Keyboard support. - Recording and playback audio devices. PulseAudio only so far. - Basic synthesizer plugin. [YouTube Demo]( - Basic delay plugin. - Resampling and channel remapping plugin. # Upcoming There's a lot to do still. Major upcoming items include: - Piano Roll - Mixer - Song Editor - Plugin Registry - Built-in community # Read More - [Development Blog]( - [Github]( # Why we need your support Genesis is a one-person show. I need to pay the bills in order to keep working on it. If Genesis gets enough funding I can pay someone else's bills to work on it, too. # Closing Thoughts Your support is greatly appreciated. It enables me to continue working on this instead of taking a day job. Right now I'm currently living off of my savings building this project. If your business or employer would like to help support this project, please contact Bounty Source at for details.