Enso OS

a simple OS deisgned for aging computers

# Enso OS ![enso](https://i.imgur.com/YLIEqxP.png) Our goal at Enso is to provide a friendly operating system for everyone, one that is easy to use and runs well on aging computers Computer waste is having a major impact on our environment so we are looking to develop a OS that is capable of running on nearly any machine on the market, from Macbooks to Raspberry Pi's and even from a single USB pen drive # Why do we need your support? Enso is currently a small developed project worked on part time with only 1 active developer, even with this limited support we have already achieved great things in releasing 2 beta versions of Enso with a grand total of over 5,000 downloads which is an amazing feat, and we have much more planned.. ## What we want to achieve: - Support to i386 processors to enable more devices to run our OS - Improve our existing documentation and tutorials to aid beginners in different areas of our OS - Develop the OS further to improve functionality and usability - Add support for ARM chips With support of this project we can look at getting a larger team involved and spending more time on developing these ideas at a much greater pace! # Site and Downloads For more information and to download Enso head to our site and Github page [Site](http://enso-os.site) [Github](https://github.com/nick92/Enso-OS) [![Download Enso OS](https://img.shields.io/sourceforge/dm/enso-os.svg)](https://sourceforge.net/projects/enso-os/files/latest/download)