Intellisense engine that aims to improve your everyday coding experience.

## Coc.nvim makes your vim powerful as VSCode > just installed coc.nvim and looks very powerful. @aflock > Recently installed coc.nvim and really enjoy using it (in Neovim). @Annis-Monadjem > You have done a great service for the vim community with coc. @Avi-D-coder > coc.nvim 是我用过的最舒服的 vim 补全插件 @chemzqm ## What is coc.nvim It is an intellisense engine that works for vim and neovim. It's designed to be **fast**, **reliable**, **featured** and **flexible**, while easy to use for new vim users. ## What we've done so far Current implemented features: * Completion sources support. * Snippetes support, full support of textmate format snippet and nested snippet support. * Configuration support by use coc-settings.json which works same as VSCode. * Extensions that can be installed and managed easily. * List support for easier work with list, like location list and symbols list, etc. * Configured language server support. * Statusline integration. ## What will be implemented * Full support for neovim floating window. * More list sources. * `coc-editplus` extension for advanced multi position edit experience. * `coc-cleverf` extension for faster cursor movement. * `coc-mpls` python language server extension that use pyls from VSCode. * Debug Adapter Protocol support. * A better website for documentation and videos to help people better understand it. Consider help us to improve coding experience with vim and neovim. ## Why coc.nvim needs your support There's still a lot of work to do, and some new features are hard to implement without full-time commitment. Here's some of what we have planned: * Project maintenance: including response to issue, manage PRs and better documentation. * Maintain coc.nvim extensions to keep up to date with VSCode's extensions. * Implement and test new extensions from VSCode community. * Cool features like Debug Adapter Protocol support and live sharing support requires investigate lots of efforts. * Fix issues and performance improvement often needs many hours of work. To handle all of that, this campaign helps fund a full-time dedicated resource. You can make that happen by pledging a small amount each month.