Helping developers earn a monthly salary from open-source software.

# TL;DR Contribute to Bountysource and help us grow for years to come! # A Brief history of Bountysource Bountysource was originally created many years ago (starting with a prototype in 2004!) by Warren Konkel and David Rappo. For the past three years Warren and David were full-time employees of Bountysource, building what you see now. Recently, we had to make the tough decision to take ourselves off payroll in order to allow Bountysource to continue operations. # Why Bountysource needs your support Maintaining Bountysource still takes time and effort, but we’ve also had to move on to more financially rewarding work (we have babies and puppies to feed!). By contributing to this campaign you help ensure Bountysource runs smoothly -- and grows -- well into the future. Some of the tasks we currently do in our “spare” time include: * Processing cash outs (and handling legal / tax forms) * Monitoring and responding to customer support * Addressing major bugs and site reliability issues as they come up * All the “boring” business tasks such as legal, accounting, etc. All funds will go to one of these categories, as needed: * Pay for costs-of-doing business, as needed (hosting, legal, etc) * Compensate Warren & David for the time they’re currently donating * Increased development attention on high priority bugs and feature requests (such as [this]( and [this]( * Create bounties to encourage more developers to contribute * Actively cultivate our open-source community # What about that 10% fee, doesn’t that cover costs? Our 10% covers most of the non-human costs of running Bountysource. After we pay our bills, there’s not enough to compensate us for our time. Some of our costs include: * Payment processing fees (Paypal and Stripe) * Hosting (AWS, NewRelic, Cloudinary) * Helpdesk system * Fraud (each case of fraud could end up costing us significant fees and we’ve done our best to fight it off). # Is itself open-source? An open company? Yes, Bountysource is open source! You can find all of our code in our GitHub repository: []( While we may not be an "open company" in the strictest sense, we are working toward that goal. We want to provide as much visibility into how money is earned, spent, and our future plans.